Experience exciting south Jutland at really close quarters and feel the presence of history in the flat border country.

Experiences big and small are close at hand here. Take a trip over the border and find a few bargains, or see fascinating displays in Tønder city, which offers interesting shopping and cosy cafes.
In Tønder, you’ll also find the Art Museum right next to the Tønder cultural history exhibition. Here you can find out about North European art and artefacts such as Wegner chairs.

A pleasant walk along Møgeltønder’s paved streets is a must. Conclude the tour with a visit to Schackenborg and a cup of coffee at the castle inn – this is holidaying at its best!

Visit the put and take lake just beside the grounds, where the whole family can spend a couple of pleasant hours together.

See the “black sun” – a fantastic sight!

The black sun – countless thousands of starlings – is a natural phenomenon which can be seen in spring and autumn, when the birds gather in the marshes Tøndermarsken and Ribemarsken in enormous flocks for migration. The starlings come from all the countries around the Baltic Sea and Norway. Just before settling on the ground for the night, the big flocks of starlings make fascinating patterns against the sky – absolutely worth a visit.

You can also go on a refreshing bike ride though the impressive marshlands to Højer. See the drainage floodgates, the old Højer Mill from 1857, which at 22 meters is one of North Europe’s highest. The Marsh Museum is also worth visiting, with its exhibition of flooding disasters, floodgates and the marshes.

If you want to cross the border, then do visit Friedrichstadt. It’s one of Schleswig-Holstein’s prettiest towns with its Dutch-inspired architecture. It’s only 80 km from Møgeltønder Camping, ideal for a day out.

The possibilities are endless – the choice is yours…